Our Team

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Hannah Smolik, PharmD - PIC, Pharmacy Manager, Wellness Clinician

Hannah Smolik graduated from The University of Charleston in 2017. She was born and raised in Texas but pursued higher education in the Appalachian region. She fell in love with the mountainous nature, thus deciding to start her career in Colorado. In 2018, her compounding career began at College Pharmacy in Colorado Springs. She honed her clinical skills as a compounding pharmacist and Bio-Identical Hormone Specialist there. In 2020, she became the PIC and manager. Her love and passion for compounding grew tremendously at College Pharmacy. Mentored by Jerry Gillick, RPh., CEO, Hannah gained more knowledge of the compounding world than she could ever have dreamed. She learned how to manage patients’ hormone therapy effectively, health and wellness management of patient needs utilizing natural/supplemental regimens, manage the day-to-day operations of the four compounding departments, train and re-train all staff members, and keep the pharmacy in good standing with all inspection agencies.

In the summer of 2021, her family's priority took precedence, and they decided to move back to Texas along with her husband. In January 2022, she started her career at Oakdell Compounding Pharmacy. The endless educational opportunities at Oakdell gave Hannah something to be excited about. She manages the Wellness Center at Oakdell, where her love and pursuit for the best health and wellness options never ends. She loves helping patients achieve their health goals through Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, natural supplementation, resources, counseling, and various other ways. She allows her patients to make their health experience as comprehensive as they need and empowers them to take control of their health. In October 2022, she became the manager, and in 2023, she took on the role of PIC. Hannah’s passion and love for all things compounding continue to flourish because of the legacy of Oakdell Pharmacy.

Outside the pharmacy, devotion and time with God are a big part of her daily life when she is not busy with her profession. Hannah also loves hanging out with her family and friends. The summer is the best part of the year for the Smolik family (and it's a good thing Texas summers are long). Her family loves going to Schlitterbahn and hanging out in their pool after church on Sundays. Her husband Bar B Q’s most summer weekends and “fun in the sun” never ends once the Texas temperatures get hot.


Mark Hanus, RPh

Mark Hanus started his career as a pharmacist in 1982 after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin. With over thirty-seven years of experience as a pharmacist, he has seen the industry from multiple vantage points. Practicing pharmacy in retail, compounding, pain management, long-term care and hospice, has inspired a passion for treating patients with chronic pain.

Currently working as a compounding pharmacist specializing in topical pain creams, Mark consults with doctors to establish treatment plans for patients with chronic pain. A treatment plan includes collaborating with practitioners to develop patient specific formulations with individualized dosing and application sites. Mark educates patients on the use of creams, application, side effects, and expected results.

Mark currently resides in San Antonio with his wife of 37 years. They have three children, two of which are pharmacists, and one a sterile compounding pharmacy technician. He enjoys spending time with his family and volunteering in the community.


Wendi Klein, PharmD

Wendi is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin pharmacy school, where she graduated with honors. She has over twenty years experience as a pharmacist, serving as a valued member of the Oakdell Pharmacist staff for the past twelve years.

Wendi has received extensive training in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy and compounding. She is a member of the Texas Pharmacy Association and maintains her certification in Sterile compounding.

Wendi is married with three children and two dogs. She enjoys spending time outdoors and actively participating in her children’s extra-curricular activities.


Scott Sumners, PharmD

Scott earned his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from The University of Houston College of Pharmacy in 2007. He has been with Home Intensive Care Pharmacy and Oakdell Pharmacy for over ten years, and currently serves as the Director of Infusion Services.

Scott is a member of the National Home Infusion Association and previously served as a Member of the Standards/Accreditation Committee. He is also a member of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition and the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition – Texas Alamo Chapter.

It is Scott’s belief that every person was created as a unique individual and ridged, cookie cutter therapy options are not always best for his patients. He believes that as a pharmacist, he can do more than the status quo by individualizing dosing options through patient specific compounding and patient care.


Kimberly Doctor - Controller/Administrator

Kimberly has over 37 years of experience in the accounting industry, and has served as Oakdell’s accountant for the past eighteen. She has been in her current role as Contoller/HR Director since 2017. Additionally, Kimberly serves as a member of Oakdell’s Senior Management Team.

Kimberly’s love for accounting and auditing began at a young age. She held various positions in the field of accounting, and obtained her certification from H&R Block in 1982. Her admiration for the founder and owners of this family owned small business is what drives her. As HR Director, she is responsible for all employee relations and pursues continuing educational courses to ensure she is abreast of the most current laws.

Kimberly enjoys traveling and cruising. She has been happily married to her husband Joey for 35 years, has two grown children, Brandi and Joel, and a wonderful daughter-in-law, Amber.