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John and Beverly Carson, the owners of the Oakdell Pharmacy stores in San Antonio, recently passed away. One of Beverly's many passions was the giftware department in each store. Beverly's main focus was buying and displaying beautiful giftware items that she felt the community would love. She acquired a very large collection, and many of the Beanie Babies date back to when the TY Company started making them.


Welcome to Oakdell Pharmacy - Making it better since 1969

Since 1969, Oakdell Pharmacy in San Antonio has been helping patients, their families which includes their pets.

Our founder, John R. Carson, R.Ph. opened the original Oakdell Pharmacy with a very simple philosophy. He believed that a pharmacy should be the hub of its community by providing solutions to medication related problems and any other health related issues through innovative prescription services as well as other products needed for patients to obtain the best possible pharmacist care.

Every patient is treated with respect, care, and understanding. We are your pharmacy. You will find many services that you just don’t find in other pharmacies including customized hormone replacement therapy, medical weight loss, exotic travel immunizations, extensive wound care product selection, medical equipment, and much more.

We understand that it is hard to be a patient in today’s world with so many other things on your plate. So here at Oakdell Pharmacy we have services to help make your pharmacy experience a more convenient one.

We offer drive-thru windows at both of our locations, prescription delivery to you wherever you are (home, work, out of town, etc.), and a store environment that is friendly and inviting instead of cold and generic. Our business philosophy does not include “cattle herding” like the chains do! We are here to treat you as if you were our only patient! Come visit one of our 2 locations and discover what a family owned pharmacy can do for you